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Assisting NYC Families In Forming And Modifying Custody Agreements

Parents must often establish parenting plans to determine how they will raise their children separately after divorce. As parenting approaches among families and individual children can vary greatly, many New York City parents often seek assistance for handling these matters.

Parents can seek experienced legal guidance for handling these matters from our attorneys at Fersch LLC. We have years of combined experience helping parents form and modify their custody agreements to ensure kids receive adequate care and support from each parent.

How Detailed Do You Need To Make These Agreements?

Parents have a legal duty to support their children until they’re adults. When parents work out child custody agreements, they must be able to account for all reasonably foreseeable events until the child turns 18. What those foreseeable events are can depend on numerous factors. Generally, they can include things like:

  • Baptisms or other religious rituals
  • Potty training
  • Starting kindergarten
  • Puberty considerations
  • Social media use and access
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Dating
  • College prep/applications
  • High school graduation

Parents can then work to create rules around each of these events as the child grows up, including curfew hours, how long they should be focusing on their homework, where and when they can drive, rules around tattoos and piercings, and when/how they can use social media.

Social Media Use And Child Custody Agreements

Most kids can create a social media account without their parent’s permission starting at age 12 or 13, depending on the platform. In some cases, parents may have completely different ideas about what age their children should be allowed to use social media and how they should be able to use it. For example, one parent may see no issue with their kids spending a few hours a day scrolling TikTok, while the other may want to limit how much they scroll per day and what content they interact with. Or, one parent may believe it’s okay for their kids to monetize their social media accounts, while the other worries about the child’s exposure and what it could do to their mental health.

If parents cannot reach a consensus over when, where, and how their kids use social media, one of our attorneys from Fersch LLC, as well as a licensed clinical psychologist, can help engage in these discussions and help you advocate for your children’s best interests.

We Can Help You Find Tailored And Workable Custody Solutions

When reaching a suitable custody agreement for you and your children, there is no one size fits all approach. Every family and every child within that family has unique needs and personalities that require tailored approaches. We can help you evaluate your circumstances and determine what details you need to include in your child custody agreement to meet your needs and ensure your kids get the appropriate parenting and support they deserve.

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