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Firm Overview

Fersch Petitti LLC was formed in January 2011 and practices exclusively in the areas of Matrimonial and Family Law in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau counties. Partners Patricia Fersch and Danielle Petitti previously worked at the Patricia Ann Fersch Family Law Center, which Ms. Fersch founded in 1994.

Fersch Petitti LLC

Due to the nature of the cases Fersch Petitti LLC handles, its attorneys strive to come to reasonable resolutions through negotiation. When such resolutions are not possible, they are aggressive litigators with extensive trial experience.

We Are Unique

Fersch Petitti, LLC. is unique in representing, with the same level of care and attention, both high-profile and high-income clientèle and economically challenged clientèle. Fersch Petitti LLC recognizes that most clients come to it at a very difficult time in their lives to discuss issues, such as their children, that are deeply personal and important to them.

Types of Cases and Legal Issues We Handle:


Within the context of divorce and other matrimonial actions, Fersch Petitti LLC has extensive experience and success handling matters involving Child Custody and Visitation, Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts, Child Support/Paternity, Declarations of Separate Property, Spousal Support, Exclusive Occupancy/Orders of Protection / Domestic Violence, Annulments, Post-Divorce Actions for Modification and Enforcement, Disputes Between Domestic Partners/Same-Sex Couples, Grandparent Custody and Visitation, Child Relocation.


Fersch Petitti LLC represents clients in both the defense and perfection of both Matrimonial and Family Court appellate actions.



Fersch Petitti LLC, unlike many other Matrimonial firms throughout New York City, also has extensive experience, knowledge and success handling matters involving Child Custody and Visitation, Paternity/Child/ Spousal Support, Orders of Protection / Domestic Violence, Grandparent Custody and Visitation, Child Relocation in Family Court.


Fersch Petitti LLC are experienced and skilled at the negotiation and drafting of Marital Agreements including, but not limited to, Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreement and Agreements of Legal Separation.


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